Bredesen Protocol:

Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline (Dementia)

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Brain Fit is accredited to administer the Bredesen ReCODE and PreCODE Programmes of Apollo Health: The world’s most effective dementia prevention and reversal programme.

Accredited by Apollo Health

Brain Fit is accredited by Apollo Health to administer the Bredesen Protocols for the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline (dementia). Dr Willem Mostert is a certified Bredesen Protocol Health Coach and works with Bredesen accredited doctors or a participant’s Primary Care Physician (if they are willing to order the necessary tests/documentation and confirm there are no contraindications or drug interactions) to administer the full spectrum of the Bredesen Protocols.

What is Dementia

Dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting a person’s memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily life. Dementia has many causes and the prevention of dementia rests on identifying the specific risks for a particular person and then eliminating these risks.  If symptoms are already present, then reversal can happen if the specific root causes for the symptoms experienced by a particular person are identified, addressed with appropriate precision, individualised medical interventions, and life-style changes.

Dementia symptoms

Some of the symptoms of dementia, and its most severe form, Alzheimer’s, are: 

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty communicating or finding words
  • Difficulty with visual and spatial abilities, such as getting lost while driving
  • Difficulty reasoning or problem-solving
  • Difficulty handling complex tasks
  • Difficulty with planning and organizing
  • Difficulty with coordination and motor functions
  • Confusion and disorientation

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Why sign up with Dr Willem Mostert and Brain Fit?

Largely thanks to the efforts of Willem Mostert, D.Soc.SC., a social scientist in Cape Town, the Bredesen Protocol is now available in South Africa. 

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The Journey

In June 2019, Willem went to consult a neurologist as he recognized that his memory loss and overall cognitive functioning were declining by the day. His MRI report read as follows: “Excessive bilateral, fairly symmetric parietal atrophy raises the suspicion of young-onset Alzheimer’s disease.” He was told by his doctor that he does not have Alzheimer’s disease (but not what he had) and that he should return in six months. He had problems with word finding, remembering the names of friends and relatives, forgetting appointments, had navigation problems, and increased memory loss, and realized that he was already exhibiting mild cognitive impairment, which often precedes Alzheimer’s.

Instead of waiting six months to see the doctor, he decided to follow the protocol described by Dr Dale Bredesen in his book: The End of Alzheimer’s. 

He was reassessed twelve months later and shown to have a normal FDG-PET scan with no cognitive concerns. Dr. Mostert’s personal experience led him to recognize the need to bring this protocol to South Africa in a big way, and he began a project called “Grow the Dementia Survivor’s Club” with the goal of initially training ten South African physicians, ten dentists, and ten health coaches with the new ReCODE 2.0 Training to begin to build critical mass and finally offer substantive help to his fellow citizens dealing with cognitive decline.


His goal is one step closer to reality after over 200 South African practitioners, recently joined Dr. Bredesen, the Chief Science Officer and Lance Kelly, the Chief Technology Officer for Apollo Health in an educational webinar entitled “The Science of Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline.” Dr. Bredesen outlined his theory of Alzheimer’s in detail and gave many examples of patients who have successfully reversed their cognitive decline using his approach.


In an effort to persuade his countrymen to bring the Bredesen protocol to South Africa, Dr. Mostert quoted Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian playwright, poet, and essayist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911, “At every crossway on the road that leads to the future, each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men (and women) assigned to guard the past.”  He then asked his prospective partners to consider where they would position themselves on this scientific crossroad of dementia.         

As a result of the tremendous interest and success of Dr. Mostert’s vision, he has expanded the original goal from ten to one hundred physicians, dentists, and health coaches. He also embarked on a project to broadly educate the South African medical community and public-at-large about the Bredesen protocol while building an infrastructure to support its use in South Africa. Additionally, he plans to create a scientific research framework to collect data to help build proof of the efficacy of Dr. Bredesen’s approach and to obtain the support from the SA labs and medical aids.

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Bredesen Protocols

Dr Dale Bredesen, Chief Science Officer of Apollo Health, is the leader in the field of preventing and reversing cognitive decline. Thirty-plus years of medical research has put Dr. Bredesen at the forefront of research into Alzheimer’s disease prevention and memory-loss reversal. His research teams have made discoveries that changed our understanding of the fundamental nature of Alzheimer’s disease leading to revolutionary treatments.

Dr. Bredesen’s ground-breaking approach that may help prevent and reverse cognitive decline, The Bredesen Protocol, is a comprehensive and personalized program to improve cognition. It is designed to reverse the effects of subjective or mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Bredesen has identified 36 metabolic factors that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain. 

Apollo Health is building the first-ever brain health community around the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline; enabling patients and their caregivers to build their own care team consisting of the participant, medical practitioner, and health coach, with the tools and resources they need for success. The Apollo Health solutions supported by Brain Fit (the ReCODE and PreCODE programs) are designed to fit anyone, whether you are already showing symptoms or merely wanting to prevent them.

The Bredesen Protocol is at the heart of Apollo Health’s two solutions:

  • ReCODE: Reversal of Dementia symptoms
  • PreCODE: Prevention of cognitive decline and improving brain performance for individuals and corporate management teams.

The Science Behind The Bredesen Protocol

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Which Program is most suitable for me?

Are you wondering which Apollo Health/Brain Fit solution is best for you? 

If you already have some dementia related symptoms, want to reverse it, and prevent further decline, then ReCODE is for you.

If you have no dementia related symptoms, or have a family history of dementia, or just want to prevent cognitive decline as you get older and want to optimise your brain capacity, then, PreCODE is for you. If a corporate client wants to ensure that the senior managers of the company is “brain sharp” then PreCode is recommended. 

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ReCODE: Reversal of Dementia symptoms

An annual membership program in collaboration with Brain Fit and a medical practitioner producing the ReCODE report to identify the six subtypes and sources of your cognitive decline, which is the starting point to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Subjective Cognitive Impairment.

The ReCODE Report is a highly individualized evaluation of your cognitive health — an assessment based on lab results analyzed by a software program created by Dr. Dale Bredesen and his team at Apollo Health. The report includes information on an individual’s Dementia (Alzheimer’s) subtypes, supplemental information from Dr. Bredesen’s research, and an intervention programme designed based on your risk profiles and root causes of your symptoms. The implementation of the programme outlined in the report is done by a team consisting of the person at risk, his/her Doctor and the BrainFit ReCODE accredited Health Coach.


• Be part of a community dedicated to your health and wellness.

•The ReCODE report identifies the specific subtypes and sources of your cognitive decline and checks for the ApoE4 gene type (genome test) making you more vulnerable for Alzheimer’s.

• The report provides advice on specific interventions, medication and supplements based on your subtype(s) of cognitive decline found in the ReCODE Report.

• The ReCODE Mobile App provides subscribers with a convenient way to access all of the available resources for the program, such as nutritional and lifestyle guides, forums where you can post and read messages from other community members, view your data and progress, access cognitive testing, and a complimentary BrainHQ account for brain training exercises.

PreCODE: Prevention of cognitive decline and improving brain performance

A monthly subscription plan lasting 12 months in collaboration with Brain Fit and a medical practitioner, for anyone interested in the prevention of cognitive decline and brain health optimization through the PreCODE program. PreCODE is intended for individuals who are asymptomatic, but want to prevent cognitive decline and improve brain performance especially for those who have a familial history of cognitive decline. It is not intended as a replacement for ReCODE, due to the different protocol and requirements needed to reverse symptoms in those currently experiencing cognitive decline. 

PreCODE is designed to support your brain health optimization journey and prevent cognitive decline. The personalized treatment recommendations from the protocol consist of metabolic and lifestyle changes requiring long-term interventions to show improvement. These changes need to be continued on to maintain effective prevention of cognitive decline.

The implementation of the programme outlined in the report is done by a team consisting of the person at risk, his/her Doctor and the BrainFit ReCODE accredited Health Coach

PreCODE is for individuals or Corporate Management Teams

Why PreCODE?

  • Prevention of cognitive decline is much easier than curing it. 
  • PreCODE not only prevents cognitive decline, but also enhances the brain performance of participants
  • To be part of a community dedicated to your health and wellness by preventing cognitive decline and optimising your brain functioning
  • A PreCODE Report, generated by a ReCODE Practitioner/Coach identifying your specific risks and recommending individualised interventions for you to prevent cognitive decline and improve your brain performance and overall health
  • Complimentary BrainHQ account for brain stimulation workouts.
  • Cognitive assessments by a Cq Evaluation.
  • Online support forums. 
  • Nutrition plan and other recommended interventions – Apollo Health’s KetoFLEX 12/3 diet plan
  • iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad apps to manage your plan and measure progress
  • Quarterly Town Hall videos and more.
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