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Brain fit delivers a range of comprehensive Brain Health Programmes to mitigate risks for cognitive decline.  This will assist you to take control of  your brain destiny enhancing your quality of life.

All programmes are facilitated by Dr Willem Mostert and Hester-Mari Joubert and participants are guided step by step along the way whilst developing healthy brain habits. 

All programmes are facilitated online or face-to-face as group training sessions.

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To care for my brain is a no-brainer

The human body grows old and so does the brain. The brain, however sometimes grow older at a different rate to the biological ageing of the person. The rate of brain ageing is determined by a combination of adverse and favorable influences on brain structure and function that determines a person’s cognitive status. Factually the brain begins to decline at the age of around 40.

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NOTE: If you are a female and want to attend the programme for your own benefit, rather enroll for the Brain Healthy Habits for Women as this programme caters for the unique needs of women.

Historically, medical professionals believed that the only thing that sets women apart from men were those body parts that lie beneath the small triangles of a bikini—namely, their reproductive organs. Setting these “parts” aside, as if one could, meant that many doctors would diagnose and treat both sexes in the exact same way. 

BRAIN HEALTHY HABITS FOR WOMEN distinguishes women’s health outcomes in one part of the body that no bikini will ever cover – HER BRAIN

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No one wants to feel better later.

Stress, anxiety, negativity and anger are common, but not normal if it affects you negatively.

We all experience stress, anxiety, negativity and anger, even more so as a result of Covid 19 and whatever challenges you are facing on a day-to-day basis. Our lives change constantly and we are not even sure what the “new normal” would look like. 

So, our need to feel better and seek assistance is a sign of strength.

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The Power of Habits

A habit is a choice we deliberately made and executed at some point in time and then stopped thinking about it, but continue doing it regularly. It is a recipe our brain automatically follows when a specific trigger enters the brain, because the brain knows exactly how to execute the behaviour as a response to the stimulus because of repeated execution.  A habit is a decision that became an automatic behaviour.

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As a manager, to care for my brain should be a “no-brainer”:

Do I want my key employees to function optimally?

They can only do so if they have a healthy brain!

And… they can only have a healthy brain if they have Brain Healthy Habits

A decline in brain functioning is not so much the result of aging in terms of years, but rather the function of poor lifestyle decisions that results in premature biological brain ageing, thereby stealing the quality of one’s life and result in sub-optimal work performance.

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