To care for my brain is a no-brainer

The human body grows old and so does the brain. The brain, however sometimes grow older at a different rate to the biological ageing of the person. The rate of brain ageing is determined by a combination of adverse and favorable influences on brain structure and function that determines a person’s cognitive status. Factually the brain begins to decline at the age of around 40.

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If you add the following risk factors for memory decline the picture can get much worse:

  • Poor Blood Flow to the brain as a result of cardiovascular disease, a stroke, erectile dysfunction, loss of oxygen due to near drowning and sleep apnea, or being unconscious for a while. 
  • Early (brain) retirement especially if you stop learning new things and experience social isolation which lead to faster biological ageing. 
  • Chronic inflammation, the internal fire that destroys body organs, especially the brain.
  • Genetic predisposition for dementia. Remember negative genetic predisposition only loads the gun but poor lifestyle habits pull the triggers. So, nobody needs to be a victim of their genetics. 
  • Head trauma. Soft brain, like butter, plus hard skull and sharp ridges = big brain trouble when head injuries occur.
  • Toxins from what we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink and the drugs we take (alcohol and smoking), kill us slowly, but way before we die our brains go crazy.
  • Poor mental health such as depression, bipolar disorder and chronic stress increases the risk for dementia. Anything that negatively impacts the mind also has a negative impact on the brain.
  • Infections and poor immunity. A compromised immune system and infectious diseases are major contributing factors to dementia.
  • Neurohormone deficiencies. When hormones work in concert one feels great, but when they are out of balance the conductor is absent and the orchestra is out of tune and the brain becomes foggy.
  • Diabetes and Obesity. Lots of people dig their grave with a knife and fork and do not realise that sugar kills the brain.
  • Sleep problems. The brain heals itself when we sleep, but if we do not sleep long and well enough the cleaning crew cannot do their job and the brain gets clogged up with toxins and waste.

Start Brain Healthy Habits Now

The challenge of ageing individuals is therefore to reduce the rate of decline so that it does not become a slippery downhill slide.

Even if growing old is mandatory, how you grow old is optional. It is this latter part that is the focus of our Brain Healthy Habits Programme.

What are the benefits of enrolling   

Participants will benefit by developing a Personalised Brain Healthy Habits Development Plan to combat memory decline and to enhance their brain function even as they grow older.  They can follow this personalised plan on their own and in consultation with their medical practitioner, if needed. They also have access to the Brain Fit Coach via e-mail to clarify any questions.

Who will benefit

If any of the following applies to you, the programme will benefit you:

  • I want to improve my overall brain functioning, longevity and quality of my life
  • I am 40 years or older and want to learn how to care for my brain to prevent cognitive decline
  • I wonder what I can do to keep my brain healthy until I die
  • My memory is declining
  • I begin to forget small things, like keys, appointments or what someone said to me a short while ago
  • People say to me that I am not listening to them
  • I read a book, e-mail or watch a movie, but do not remember much of it
  • I struggle with brain fog
  • I suffer from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, poor sleep, chronic stress, depression, poor sex drive, head trauma, chronic infections, hormone imbalances, exposure to toxins (we all do as a result of the food we eat) and lack of energy
  • I have been diagnosed with dementia
  • I have a history of dementia (Alzheimer’s) in my family
  • I want to maintain my independence and do not want anyone to look after me or take advantage of me when I am old
  • I am concerned about a loved one who displays some of the abovementioned conditions or been diagnosed with dementia

Family and friends of people suffering from dementia can also attend and will personally benefit as well as learn how to assist the loved one to improve his/her condition. Caretakers of people with dementia is highly at risk to develop dementia themselves as a result of the stress and isolation they endure.

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Brain Healthy Habits for Women

NOTE: If you are a female and want to attend the programme for your own benefit, rather enroll for the Brain Healthy Habits for Women as this programme caters for the unique needs of women.

Go to Brain Healthy Habits FOR WOMEN

Delivery Mode

Online Group Interactive Sessions

Participants link up via ZOOM for 6 sessions over a three-week period for 2,5 hours each. You can choose which time slot to enroll for as per the programme time slots. 

You must have access to a reliable internet connection.

Participants receive homework to complete the risk assessment questionnaires and develop their personal development plan based on the content discussed during the online sessions.

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a textbook on the subject matter.

Face-to-face Group Training 

A two-day programme for participants at a venue and dates as advertised on

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a textbook on the subject matter.

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