As a manager, to care for my brain should be a “no-brainer”:

Do I want my key employees to function optimally?

They can only do so if they have a healthy brain!

And… they can only have a healthy brain if they have Brain Healthy Habits

A decline in brain functioning is not so much the result of aging in terms of years, but rather the function of poor lifestyle decisions that results in premature biological brain ageing, thereby stealing the quality of one’s life and result in sub-optimal work performance.

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Would I employ someone who;

  • Forgets meetings
  • Forgets recent conversations
  • Has regular “senior-moments”
  • Struggles to focus
  • Takes poor decisions
  • Relates poorly with others
  • Plans poorly
  • Struggles with words and names
  • Has brain fog

If my answer is NO, then Why?

Could it be that I think such a person’s brain is not healthy? YES, that would be the reason.

We always say that our employees are the most valuable asset of our company, but that is only partly true. The real asset is their BRAINS, because without a healthy brain no employee can function optimally.

Why do companies spend so little time and money on preventing brain deterioration of their employees or even better, ensuring that their brains are healthy and getting sharper?

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  • Most people probably seldom focus on how to care for their brains, because they falsely believe that a brain is fixed, cannot improve and only deteriorates over time. 
  • When employees go for a medical check-up the doctor checks everything else, but the functioning of their brains.
  • When employees climb the organization ladder into more senior positions they are more in need of a healthy brain to operate at peak levels, because when we get older the brain becomes less healthy.
  • When people begin to forget things such as where their keys are, mix up words or names, do things a little slower than usual, get lost when driving, show poor judgement and have brain fog, people joke about it and call it a “senior moment” even if the person is still relatively young. 
  • Although memory loss is common, it is not normal.

Little do we know that in most people the downhill slide of our brain functioning begins around 40 and in most cases the cause of it is poor life style habits. When we do not stop this spontaneous decline deliberately, it can lead to progressive memory impairment and changes in behavior which ultimately impact on the ability to function at the required level at work.

The implications of a declining brain from age 40, which usually goes somewhat unnoticed in the beginning, can have devastating consequences for any business if this happens to its senior staff. The result is poor health, judgement, decision making, planning and problem-solving abilities, and the inability to learn and to relate to other people meaningfully – all competencies required by senior staff, if not all employees.

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The new knowledge base of brain health departs from the following well documented facts:

  • Brain health is central to all health and success in life. When my brain functions well, I make better decisions and therefore are happier and more successful.
  • When my brain is troubled, for whatever reason, I am likely to be sad, sick, stressed, depressed and therefore less successful.

I need this programme if one or more of the following is true for me or my senior managers:

  • I am a top/senior manager and a healthy brain is essential to perform my tasks 
  • I wonder what I can do to keep a healthy brain until I die
  • I want to improve my overall functioning as a top/senior manager and team member
  • I want to ensure that my memory and decision making improve and not get worse
  • I suffer from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, chronic stress, depression, poor sex drive, head trauma, chronic infections, hormone imbalances, lack of energy and exposure to toxins (we all do as a result of the food we eat and air we breathe) because any of these will result in a decline in my brain health over time.


The good news is that I am not stuck with the current condition of my brain, no matter what age I am – I CAN IMPROVE MY BRAIN!

My brain history is not my destiny if I decide to care for my brain…

Attend an online or face-to-face programme to learn about the latest scientific knowledge on how to improve brain cognition and work performance.  

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The programme covers the following in detail:

In essence, the programme focuses on:

  • what is GOOD for my brain  
  • what is BAD for my brain and 
  • how to USE all of this to ensure longevity, a meaningful life and optimal work performance

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Online Group Interactive Sessions

Participants link up via ZOOM for 6 sessions over a three-week period for 2,5 hours each. You can choose which time slot to enroll for as per the programme time slots. 

You must have access to a reliable internet connection.

Participants receive homework to complete the risk assessment questionnaires and develop their personal development plan based on the content discussed during the online sessions.

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a text book on the subject matter.

Face-to-face Group Training 

A two-day programme for a group of maximum of 10 participants as discussed with company.  Additional participants are accommodated at a special rate per person.  Venue is determined by company.

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a text book on the subject matter.

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