• What benefit do I get from the Brain Fit programmes?

    You will understand:

    • What cause memory loss
    • What you can do to prevent, stop or even reverse memory loss
    • That caring for your brain should be a no-brainer

    You will:

    • Identify your own risk factors for memory loss
    • Design your personal brain healthy habits plan 
    • Learn how to change your bad habits feeding your risk factors
    • Learn how to develop new brain healthy habits
    • Get connected with other participants from whom you can learn and who can again learn from you – this also creates an opportunity to encourage each 
    • Learn skills to manage your stress, negativity, anger and anxiety 
  • Can one really change bad habits or even learn new good habits

    Yes definitely, with consistent, constant practice you will develop new habits. The benefit will make it worth your while. Read the article on Habits: The brain’s friend or enemy.

  • What if I miss an online session?

    You can download the recorded session and watch it before the next session in order to prepare yourself and ensure that you stay on track.

  • Can my partner and I do the online sessions together and only pay for one participant?

    Yes, then you will only get one copy of the textbook. You can download and print copies of the manuals for each of you.

  • Is there a scientific basis for the content of the programmes?

    Yes, you will find it in the textbooks provided for each programme. Preventing memory loss is a relatively new approach in the medical world as the current focus is still that not much can be done if you have advanced memory loss. There is however enough scientific evidence that memory loss can be prevented, stopped and even reversed if you start early by adopting brain healthy habits.

  • Have you tried the advice on yourself?

    Yes, please read “My story.” The fact that I am capable of doing these online sessions is testimony of my recovery from Mild Cognitive Impairment. Enroll and judge for yourself.

  • Is it true that my brain functioning starts declining from age 40?

    Yes, and if you are subject to the risk factors for cognitive decline this downhill slide is accelerated. 

  • Are women more at risk to get Alzheimer’s disease?

    Yes. The split between women and men who have Alzheimer’s is 66% women and 34% men.

  • Will I benefit from the Brain Fit programmes if I am younger than 40 years?

    Yes, the sooner you start the better your change of protecting your brain functioning and even improve it, as you get older. When it comes to your brain health, prevention is really better that cure as no pill is available to cure memory loss, especially if you have Alzheimer’s. 

  • Is Alzheimer’s not just an old age disease?

    No, but it is usually only diagnosed in people older than 60 years. The disease however starts way before it is diagnosed, as it shows up in the brain, via MRI scans, even 30 years before it is diagnosed. Memory loss is also not something people are willing to admit easily and most people wait too long before they consult a doctor to ask for help. Anyhow most doctors, when told you have memory loss, make it off by telling you that it is normal, as you get older. That happened to me. 

    Memory loss is common, but not normal.

  • Do you run online and face-to-face programmes?

    Yes, online programmes are available currently and face-to-face group sessions will be available as soon as it is allowed in terms of COVID 19 regulations. View our website for details when these programmes will become available.