No one wants to feel better later.

Stress, anxiety, negativity and anger are common, but not normal if it affects you negatively.

We all experience stress, anxiety, negativity and anger, even more so as a result of Covid 19 and whatever challenges you are facing on a day-to-day basis. Our lives change constantly and we are not even sure what the “new normal” would look like. 

So, our need to feel better and seek assistance is a sign of strength.

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What are the benefits of enrolling   

The Feel-Better Skills Programme will help you to get a personalised plan for the healthiest version of you by learning the skills that will assist you to function optimally despite the onslaughts of life. 

Participants will benefit by mastering the skills and habits to help them deal with stress, anxiety, negativity and anger which otherwise would poison their lives and those of their loved ones. 

The Programme, partly derived from the successful course developed by the Amen Clinic, USA, and our own experience as social scientists, covers the following:

  • Emotional rescue skills to feel better when I feel sad, mad, nervous or out of control 
  • How to optimise the physical functioning of my brain
  • How to strengthen my prefrontal cortex – the part of my brain that helps me make good decisions and avoid bad ones that can ruin my life 
  • How to train my brain (anterior cingulate gyrus part) so that I can be flexible, adaptable and learn from mistakes and not become rigid and get stuck on old habits and grudges
  • Master the rational mind of my brain to control and change automatic negative thoughts
  • Skills to improve my relationships
  • Learn to use gratitude, prayer and meditation as my shields to protect me against self-inflicted harm and disappointment
  • Skills to make me feel happy and present whilst conquering worry and stress
  • Foods that help me feel great 
  • Protect my brain’s pleasure centers to live with passion and purpose and avoid addictions and depression
  • Identify my vulnerability towards developing mental health issues by using the Quick Mental Health Checkup Questionnaires
  • Supplements to feed my brain with nutrients to perform optimally
  • Learn about epigenetics to ensure I have a positive impact on myself, my loved ones and my generations to come

Participants also have access afterwards to the Brain Fit Coach by e-mailing questions to be answered by the coach.

Start Feel Better Skills Now

Who will benefit

If you experience stress, anxiety, negativity and anger and want to learn how to prevent these emotions from influencing your life, you will benefit from this practical programme.

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Delivery Mode

Online Group Interactive Sessions

Participants link up via ZOOM for 6 sessions over a three-week period for 2,5 hours each. You can choose which time slot to enroll for as per the programme time slots. 

You must have access to a reliable internet connection.

Participants receive homework to complete the risk assessment questionnaires and develop their personal development plan based on the content discussed during the online sessions.

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a text book on the subject matter.

Face-to-face Group Training 

A two-day programme for participants at a venue and dates as advertised on www.brain-fit.net

Participants will receive PowerPoint Slides of the full programme as well as a copy of a text book on the subject matter.

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