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Dementia is on the increase in South Africa and affects thousands of South Africans especially with advancing age. Its most severe form is Alzheimer’s disease. 

Dementia describes a group of symptoms such as loss of memory, brain fog and confusion as well as the inability to communicate, reason, navigate, solve problems, plan, organise and execute complex tasks. As such, it affects a person’s ability to live a normal life. 

Mainstream medicine would have you believe that dementia cannot be prevented, is untreatable, and progressive because there is no pill that effectively treats, cures, or reverses symptoms, especially Alzheimer’s. At present, most patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s do not survive beyond three to eleven years post-diagnosis. 

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Fortunately, the currently held paradigm about dementia has been turned around by decades of research by Dr. Bredesen, starting in the laboratory, then moving to clinical practice. He has published multiple peer reviewed papers demonstrating reversal of cognitive decline by identifying and addressing the root causes of the disease process. He’s identified at least 36 contributors that can cause dementia which can be summarised into the following categories:

  • Chronic inflammation, whether due to infections, leaky gut, poor diet, or other factors
  • Sugar toxicity causes both inflammation and insulin resistance
  • Reduction in hormonal, vitamin, nutrient, or brain cell growth factor support
  • Toxins from metals such as mercury, some chemicals such as pesticides, and some biotoxins such as house mould, and many other toxins
  • Vascular damage and poor blood flow to the brain
  • Head trauma due to concussions or other head injuries 

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There is no merit in simply diagnosing a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease if you cannot determine why, Dr Bredesen argues. Once we know what is driving the disease process, then it becomes possible to reverse and prevent the symptoms of dementia as there are medical solutions available for each of the 36 contributors. 

The Bredesen Protocol not only provides hope, but also solutions resulting in a unique personalised treatment plan to both prevent and reverse symptoms of cognitive decline that also optimises overall health. 

Please view various videos by Dr Bredesen presented to medical practitioners and the general public in South Africa under the media tab.

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