Or, if you already have symptoms how to prevent further decline or even reverse it

The programme is based on the successful protocol developed by Dr Dale Bredesen on how to prevent or reverse symptoms of cognitive decline.

The content of the programme is as follows:


1. Care for my brain

2. Measure my vulnerability for cognitive decline

3. Influence my gene expression

4. Provide clean fuel for the brain

    4.1 Optimise the impact of fasting

    4.2 Optimise the impact of nutrients

    4.3 Optimise the impact of exercise

    4.4 Optimise the impact of sleep

5. Ensure insulin sensitivity

6. Prevent and resolve ongoing inflammation

7. Optimise and balance hormones

8.  Prevent ongoing infections 

9. Optimise my immune system

10. Keep toxins out of my body

11. Ensure optimum blood flow

12. Support my mitochondria

13. Optimise mental health

14. Stimulate my brain

15. Optimise brain signaling and neuroprotection

16. Avoid head injury

17. Take supplements

18. Troubleshooting to ensure progress

19.  Implement my personal plan to prevent or reverse cognitive decline


Habit 1: 
Stay well informed in terms of the latest scientific literature on what is good for my brain health

Habit 2: 
Practice brain envy

Habit 3: 
Measure and optimise my vital biomarkers

Habit 4: 
Identify my unproductive habits and replace them with productive habits

Habit 5: 
Fast to give my brain time to renew itself

Habit 6:
Eat right

Habit 7: 
Exercise daily

Habit 8: 
Practice good sleep hygiene

Habit 9: 
Reduce stress

Habit 10: 
Practice good oral hygiene

Habit 11: 
Avoid toxins

Habit 12: 
Detox regularly 

Habit 13: 
Check food/cosmetic labels

Habit 14: 
Manage my automatic negative thoughts

Habit 15: 
Diaphragmatic breathing

Habit 16: 
Practice gratitude

Habit 17: 
Find and live my purpose

Habit 18: 
Stimulate my brain

Habit 19: 
Practice head safety